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Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale Box Office Collection Comparison

Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale Box Office Collection Comparison

From the time Dilwale was announced for Christmas, it was expected to be a battle quite similar to Om Shanti Om vs Saawariya in 2007. The result, every trade pundit agreed, would be the same.

But when the ball was in the only court that mattered, the verdict from the audience was crystal clear. Right from the second day (when we published this article), there were signs that Dilwale was faltering at the box office. Major centres, where the word-of-mouth spreads quicker, weren’t holding up and the momentum had quickly shifted from Dilwale to Bajirao Mastani. More importantly, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film has held on to it strongly after the first weekend.

Dilwale hasn’t performed badly, far from it. The film is set to be the 4th highest overseas grosser of all time and certain to be Shah Rukh Khan’s highest grossing film, because of a strong US dollar. The problem for the film has been its domestic business, but even here a couple of smaller circuits have performed very well. Bajirao Mastani has dominated the bigger circuits and sustained well for nearly 3 weeks now – not showing any signs of slowing down either.

Worldwide, Dilwale will be SRK’s 2nd highest grosser of all time, only behind Chennai Express in 2013. Clearly, a domestic under-performing film of Shah Rukh Khan is bigger than the biggest hits of a lot of other actors.

An update on #IndicineLBO (lifetime box office prediction): We had predicted on December 21st that Dilwale would collect Rs 145 crore at the box office and Bajirao Mastani would finish with Rs 168 crore. The final business will be well within the 10-15%, making both predictions accurate.

Check out the day wise box office collection comparison between the two films.

Day Dilwale Bajirao Mastani
Day 1 (Friday) 21 12.81
Day 2 (Saturday) 20.09 15.52
Day 3 (Sunday) 24 18.45
Day 4 (Monday) 10.09 10.25
Day 5 (Tuesday) 9.42 9.4
Day 6 (Wednesday) 8.79 9.21
Day 7 (Thursday) 9.26 10.52
Week 1 Total 102.65 crore 86.16 crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday) 8.11 12.25
Day 9 (2nd Saturday) 6 10.3
Day 10 (2nd Sunday) 7.12 11.75
Day 11 (2nd Monday) 2.75 5.6
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday) 2.48 5.4
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday) 2.31 5.05
Day 14 (2nd Thursday) 2.45 5.35
Week 2 Total 31.22 crore 55.7 crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday) 3.41 7.5
Day 16 (3rd Saturday) 1.90 6
Day 17 (3rd Sunday) 2.40 7
Day 18 (3rd Monday) 1.13 2.3
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday) 1.02 2.2
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday) 0.83 2.05
Day 21 (3rd Thursday) 0.78 2
India Net Collections 145.34 crore 170.91 crore
Overseas 150 crore 92 crore
Worldwide Gross 348.2 314.5

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